Spellcast Farm

Spellcast Farm is a small, diversified farm located in Lincoln County, North Carolina. We practice the art of “Slow Food” and raise heritage breeds of livestock: Ancona ducks (for their eggs), Oberhasli dairy goats (for their milk and meat) and Silver Fox rabbits (for their meat and pelts). We also raise Katahdin/Dorper hair sheep for their meat. 

We are small in size, but big in flavor and quality.  Our animals are raised with an emphasis on their welfare, not on how much or how fast they can produce.  Because of this, our products may not always be available and they are priced appropriately.  We do not raise cheap food: we raise quality food. We are not a Walmart.

In addition to the livestock, we raise heirloom-variety market vegetables in a seasonal manner.  We respect the seasons and all the bounty they bring.

Our products are available on the farm by appointment. We are able to make deliveries to Newton during the week.