Dairy Goats of Spellcast Farm

We raise American Oberhasli goats - a heritage breed listed with the Livestock Conservancy as "recovering."  The Oberhasli is a lovely breed with excellent temperaments and wonderful tasting milk - it almost tastes like milk from a Jersey cow. The breed was developed in the mountainous cantons of Bern, Freiburg, Glarus, and Graubunden in Switzerland. When originally imported into the United States, the Oberhasli was called the "Swiss Alpine."

They come in three colors, the common is called chamoisee which is brown with black points. Two black stripes from the eyes to the black muzzle give a distinctive facial appearance. They also come in solid black and solid chestnut.

All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and are bred for their production, temperament and thriftiness. They have access to pasture 24/7 and fed no corn, soy or to our knowledge, genetically-modified (GMO) feed. They only receive grain (oats, barley, sunflower seeds and non-GMO alfalfa pellets) while on the milk stand, otherwise the eat grass, browse, organic hay and Chaffhaye.

The amazing milk that these goats produce is available for purchase, but pursuant to North Carolina law, is sold for animal consumption only.

Goat kids are born in late winter, early spring and are raised on their mothers whenever possible. We prefer not to bottle feed. Once the goat kids are two weeks old, they are put up in a separate pen overnight and we milk the does in the morning and return the kids to them for the day. Any goat kids that are not sold as family milkers, future herd sires or kept by us as replacement milkers are used for meat.